South Post Oak Recycling Scrap Metal Glossary

Check out our glossary to learn more about some of the items you can recycle for cash with us at South Post Oak Recycling!


AC cooler and copper reefers - A lot of AC cooler and copper reefers scrap is produced throughout Houston and it all needs proper disposal.

AlloysAlloys are recyclable scrap metal mixtures. They tend to have better properties than the individual metals they’re made out of themselves.

AluminumAluminum is one of the most durable and versatile metals available. Aluminum scrap metal in Houston, or anywhere, is essential to many industries.

  • Aluminum breakage - Types of aluminum breakage include television antennas, lawn furniture with the fabric attached, lawn mower engine parts, pots and pans with plastic handles, or dishwasher motors.
  • Cast aluminum - Cast aluminum is a metal processed from base aluminum. It can be used for a wide variety of purposes in manufacturing and design.


Batteries - Batteries such as silver-oxide, lithium-ion, and lead-acid (automotive) batteries are accepted for recycling. 

Borings - Boring is the process of enlarging a hole that has been drilled by a cutting tool, and the waste produced after this process is often referred to as chips and shavings, or borings.

Brass - Brass is a useful alloy metal that goes back to antiquity. It is used to create bells, valves, shell casings, and much more.


CarbideTungsten carbide is one of the strongest metal compounds in the world but also one of the easiest to recycle.

Recycling for Contractors - Scrap metal recycling is an especially great option for licensed contractors.

Compressors - Compressors and other sealed units are fairly profitable when it comes to scrapping.

Copper - Whether it's a penny, an electrical wire, or a cooking pot, copper is an extremely useful metal that has high heat transference, electrical conductivity, anti-microbial, and biostatic properties.

  • Copper Tubing - Copper tubing is the most recycled material found within an HVAC.



Electronics - South Post Oak Recycling is an electronics metal recycling service in Houston that recycles non-ferrous and ferrous metals, including PCs, circuit boards, and more.

personal computers


Ferrous metal - Ferrous metal is any magnetic metal that contains iron. The most common ferrous metal is steel.


HVAC units - HVAC scrap metal may include standard metals, rare-earth metals, and more.

Hastelloy - Hastelloy is a heavy-duty alloy used in a multitude of industries.


Incoloy - Incoloy is a nickel-iron-chromium alloy with less than 50% nickel content. It is resistant to aggressive corrosion, making it a popular choice for the oil and gas industry.

Inconel - Inconel forms when nickel bonds to chromium. While rarer than many scrap metals, it has a variety of uses and is worth more than standard scrap.


Lead - Lead can be harmful, but can also be very profitable when handled correctly.


Magnesium - Most magnesium that ends up as scrap comes from die-casting.


Nonferrous metal - Nonferrous metal is a nonmagnetic metal that maintains its properties during the recycling process.


Radiators - Recyclable radiators are usually comprised of high-grade aluminum metal.



Shavings - Shavings are produced after the process of boring.

Stainless steelStainless steel is a 100 percent recyclable scrap metal in Houston that resists rust and usually lasts for decades.


Turnings - Turnings scrap is produced after rotating metal on a lathe. They are identified as spiral shavings.


ZincZinc is one of the world's most basic chemical compounds. It is the 24th most common element on planet Earth, and it has furthered manufacturing since as early as the 10th century BC in brass.

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