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About 7 percent of the Earth’s crust is aluminum, making it the most abundant metal on the planet. Produced in commercial quantities for just over a century, aluminum is relatively new but already essential to global industry.

Weighing only a third of steel or copper, aluminum is malleable, flexible and easy to machine and cast, so many industries are now incorporating more aluminum into their products. Durable and resistant to corrosion, aluminum lends itself to a large variety of applications. Aluminum is also easily recycled.

Aluminum is a low density, non-toxic metal with high thermal conductivity. Non-magnetic and non-sparking, aluminum is the sixth most ductile metal and the second most malleable.

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Aluminum is Essential to Industry

Because it is not particularly strong on its own, manufacturers often mix aluminum with copper, magnesium, manganese or silicone to create an alloy.

Aluminum forms a highly reflective coating for heat and light when evaporated in a vacuum. Manufacturers take advantage of this action to make aluminum coatings for telescope mirrors and decorative packages, papers and toys.

Only iron outpaces aluminum in terms of quantity or value. Nearly all segments of the global economy use aluminum in some way. The transportation industry uses aluminum to make cars, planes, trucks, boats, railcars and more. In fact, aluminum is second only to steel as the most used metal in automobiles.

The packaging industry uses aluminum in cans and foils. Aluminum siding, windows, and doors are essential to the construction industry. Many consumer durables, such as appliances and cooking utensils, use this lightweight metal. Manufacturers take advantage of aluminum’s light weight when making electrical transmission lines, even though aluminum does not conduct electricity as well as copper.

Aluminum Recycling is Essential to the Aluminum Industry

Recycling this metal from scrap is an important component of the aluminum industry. Around since the early 1900s, aluminum recovery from scrap is not new but it has evolved rapidly since the 1960s when the recycling of aluminum beverage cans brought scrap recovery into public consciousness. Modern sources for aluminum recovery now include appliances, doors, and windows, although the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says that used beverage containers make up the largest component of recycled aluminum. On average, 90 percent of the aluminum in a car is recycled at the end of the vehicle’s life.

Aluminum is a silver, lightweight metallic element. This metal is highly versatile but most people associate aluminum with beverage cans. Consumers can recycle and get paid for recycling scrap metal in Houston at a facility such as South Post Oak Recycling Center.

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