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Aluminum can be found just about anywhere, from car frames to cans of food, but the composition of aluminum can vary quite drastically from place to place. Given that aluminum is the second-most used metal and the second-most recycled metal, behind only iron, there's always a demand for scrap aluminum even it if is not 100% pure. Alloys below a particular concentration of pure aluminum are known as breakage.

Aluminum Grades

At the highest concentration, scrap aluminum will sell for the most money. Such high concentration is rare in most consumer goods. Radiators, for instance, have a high purity of aluminum, while cans and siding do not.

The lowest grade, aluminum breakage, will be anywhere from eight to forty percent pure aluminum. Any metal with a lower recovery rate than about 50% will be graded as scrap iron instead of scrap aluminum, since the two metals are usually bonded together into a composite.

Aluminum Breakage Composition

Sometimes a breakage grade isn't applied to scrap aluminum due to the metal but to other elements within the scrap itself. Glass, rubber, or plastic that is bonded to the aluminum will greatly reduce the value of the metal, causing it to be graded as breakage and sold for a much lower price. If your scrap is not purely made of metal, regardless of the composition of the metal itself, it will be much more difficult to recycle and thus worth much less money in a sale. Indeed, too many attachments may cause metal to be rejected outright.

Recycle Aluminum Breakage

Common Types of Aluminum Breakage

Many types of aluminum breakage include television antennas, lawn furniture with the fabric attached, lawn mower engine parts, pots and pans with plastic handles, or dishwasher motors. In general, radiators, clips, and cans made from aluminum are cast from a higher quality of metal and will have a much better sale value as scrap.

Bring scrap aluminum breakage to South Post Oak Recycling Center. Consumers can recycle and sell scrap metal in Houston at a facility such as South Post Oak Recycling Center.

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