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Once aluminum is dug out of the ground, it needs to undergo a process before it can be turned into anything from a soda can to a car engine. This process is known as casting. More specifically, casting is the means of molding and tempering aluminum to be able to withstand stress of develop greater pliability as necessary. The end result is cast aluminum, a metal different from base aluminum, that can be used for a wide variety of purposes in manufacturing and design. The popularity of cast aluminum is due both to the low weight and the strength of the metal.

Cast Aluminum is a Commonly Found Metal

Cast aluminum can be found close at hand, no matter where you are. Odds are good that your kitchen contains a wide variety of cast aluminum because the pieces of individual cookware required precision casting in order to get their final shape. Baking pans, pasta strainers, frying pans, or tongs have all been crafted to their shape with cast aluminum; regular aluminum may lack the cohesion or the flexibility needed to form these specific designs. With die casting, this aluminum can withstand everything from intense weight to high temperatures for years without failure.

Cast Aluminum is Lightweight, But Valuable

The endurance of cast aluminum makes it an excellent metal for a wide variety of outdoor products. Chairs and tables that need to withstand rain, shine, wind, and winter can be made from cast aluminum, which does not rust and will not become brittle in extreme heat or cold. Unlike cast iron, which is much heavier, outdoor furniture and shelters made from cast aluminum are quite easy to pick up and move around.

Recycle Cast Aluminum

Motor vehicles rely on cast aluminum for their lightweight parts. Ford's new aluminum F-150 shaves hundreds of pounds of weight off of the frame with its use of cast aluminum rather than steel. Everything from the frame to the connecting rods of the pistons can be built with cast aluminum, while parts meant to take a beating (such as compressors) can withstand the strain of parts in motion due to the casting process.

Despite its strength, cast aluminum does not last as long as cast iron. Even so, it will hold up well for a number of years, making it a popular choice for consumer goods both large and small.

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