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Batteries, which get their name from the military term referring to multiple weapons working as one unit, are made up of two or more electrochemical cells that convert chemical energy into electric energy. The first cited use of the term was by Benjamin Franklin in 1748, but the first constructed battery was by Alessandro Volta in 1800, the voltaic pile. Frederic Daniell created the first marketed battery, which was used in telegraph networks.

Harnessing Electricity

The battery has been a staple in modern technology to harness the powers of electronics dating back hundreds of years, and it has only been in recent years where they have been able to be recharged. Thousands of household batteries get thrown away in the trash every year because of lack of knowledge about how to dispose of them properly. At South Post Oak Recycling, convenient recycling of these energy cells is one stop away.

Recycle Batteries

Recycle Batteries for Cash and Help the Environment!

From mobile devices to hybrid cars, batteries power many everyday items. When we take the time to recycle batteries, it saves on the waste of natural resources used to make the materials that go into each battery. It is beneficial to human health and the long-term health of the planet to reuse natural resources that are not readily replaceable.

It also protects water supplies from heavy metal pollution and soil from contamination, both of which are problems when batteries end up in landfills and the materials that make them leach out and soak into the ground or wash away.

South Post Oak Recycles Batteries

At South Post Oak Recycling, batteries such as silver-oxide, lithium-ion and lead-acid (automotive) batteries are accepted for recycling. In many states, all businesses that deal in selling new car batteries to their customers require the old ones be recycled. In fact, 99% of lead-acid batteries are recycled.

Making top dollar prices for scrap batteries and protecting the environment are two of the best reasons to dispose of these items in a timely fashion. These materials can be ground down and reused for all types of products, including new batteries.

It's easy to help keep the Houston area's water systems and soil free of toxic chemical contaminants with the convenient locations staffed by knowledgeable recycling experts! Contact us at South Post Oak Recycling to sell scrap metal in Houston, today!

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