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Boring is the process of enlarging a hole that has been drilled by a single-point cutting tool, such as with gun barrels or engine cylinders, and the waste produced after this process is referred to as chips and shavings. Greater accuracy of a hole diameter can be achieved through this manufacturing, and it can also be used to make a tapered hole.

Borings: a Manufacturing Staple

When these holes are bored into metal, they leave behind materials that can be reused and recycled to cut down on the consumption of nonrenewable resources. South Post Oak Recycling Center can help free up work space and simplify disposal needs.

Scrap Borings

Safe and Environmentally Conscious

Recycling borings and other scrap cast iron is definitely great for the wallet, but it's also great for safety and the environment. Improper handling of these materials can lead to serious but avoidable injuries. They can also linger in the environment for generations before degrading. When working with non-renewable resources, it should be top priority to repurpose these elements for future uses. Instead of throwing these metals in a landfill where they will sit for generations, bringing them to South Post Oak Recycling.

Proper cleaning is the first step to preparing borings for recycling. The scrap metal from borings goes through several processes to remove all excess oils and fluids to get it prepared for reclamation. While the preparation for recycling may seem extensive, scrap borings are highly valued as the return in profit exceeds the cost of transportation and cleaning.

Take Care of Scrap Borings at South Post Oak Recycling Center

Bringing scrap metals, including borings, to South Post Oak Recycling Center will help the planet and the wallet. Experienced recycling professionals will carefully unload all cleaned scrap borings, weight them, and pay top dollar prices. South Post Oak Recycling is here to turn excess materials into cash.

With two locations, South Post Oak Recycling Center is ready to provide quick, safe, and fast service to all those looking to make non-renewable resources available for future generations. Contact us at South Post Oak Recycling to sell scrap metal in Houston, today!

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