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In the 1930s and 1940s, carbide was introduced into metal cutting and has remained the standard material for metal cutting tools. Clocking in at two times stiffer and double the density of steel, carbide can only be polished with strong abrasives like diamond powder. Because of this, its application in creating machine cutting tools that are virtually abrasion proof is common.

What is Carbide?

Carbide is a chemistry term that refers to chemical compounds comprised of carbon and a less electronegative element. In machine tooling, tungsten carbide (WC) is often simply called carbide, whether it’s in its most basic form as a gray powder, or pressed and formed. These formed shapes are seen used in industrial machinery, abrasives, rounds, and cutting tools. Tungsten carbide is even found in jewelry!

Save the Planet One Drill Bit at a Time

With the long lasting properties of tungsten carbide, recycling this is a very environmentally sound decision as it requires 70% less energy to repurpose this material than create it from virgin raw elements. 40% less carbon dioxide is emitted when carbide is recycled, which is also imperative to maintaining the estimated seven million tons, or 100 years of consumption, of tungsten reserves left on the planet. Although recycling carbide has always been possible, it wasn't one of the more popular means of household and scrap recycling. Today, right under half of all tungsten carbide products are made from reclaimed resources.

Convenient Disposal of Scrap

At South Post Oak Recycling, we can take your scrap drill bits, saw tips, armor piercing rounds, and the many other products containing tungsten carbide and turn it into cash. Our experienced and trustworthy staff will help unload all carbide scrap, weigh and determine its grade, and pay top dollar prices.

Not only can top dollar prices be made off of these scrapped metals, but taking these natural and nonrenewable resources out of landfills and dumps helps the planet. Call South Post Oak Recycling, today. They’re here to get your tungsten carbide scrap metal in Houston on the path to being reused as soon as possible, and all while you get cash!

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