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Copper is one of the earliest metals worked by mankind, with a history extending back over 10,000 years. Different methods of forming copper were separately developed over many locations in the Old and New World alike.

Copper is an extremely useful metal that has high heat transference, electrical conductivity, anti-microbial, and biostatic properties. Used for thousands of years, copper was one of the first metals worked by man into useful tools, along with iron from meteorites and gold used for decoration. It's used today for a variety of applications including electrical wiring, piping for water, refrigerant and other substances, in food preparation applications such as pans, and as a portion of metal in a wide variety of alloys.

Copper Grades & Cleaning

When recycling copper, it's important to sort it by grade and clean it to get the best possible price. Solid copper #1 is clean copper without much corrosion and no brass, including 12 gauge or heavier clean wire. Solid copper #2 can have brass fittings attached, may have significant corrosion and includes copper wire thinner than 12 gauge. Insulated copper wire has insulated copper wire has various grades, depending on the amount of copper that can be recovered.

To get the best possible price for your copper, you'll want to clean it by stripping wires, removing brass fittings and soldered connections from pipes and cleaning off chemicals on the metal. Consumers can recycle and get paid for recycling scrap metal in Houston at a facility such as South Post Oak Recycling Center.

Copper Properties

Copper transfers heat, making it a prime candidate for cooking containers and to help move refrigerant gas and condensed liquid through a heat exchange system. It's one of the best inexpensive electrical conductors, commonly used in household and business wiring. Though there have been attempts to change wiring over to aluminum, the tendency for severe corrosion where the two metals meet and differences in expansion and contraction with heat has left aluminum wiring in the purview of professional electricians. It's very easy to work into shape using a combination of beating, annealing, smelting, and casting, proving a very versatile metal for a wide variety of uses. Copper also has properties that prevent the growth of microbial organisms and kills a variety of bacteria and viruses that comes into contact with it.

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