Copper Tubing Scrap Metal in Houston

Recycle copper tubing for cash.

Recycle Copper Tubing Scrap at the South Post Oak Recycling Center

Copper tubing is the most recycled material found within an HVAC. Typically about three to five pounds of copper tubing can be recycled out of an average HVAC unit.

The copper tubing found within HVAC units are typically the most valuable part to recycle in exchange for cash. Recycling copper allows new products to be made with your previously used copper metal, which is good for the environment, and for your wallet.

Recycle Copper Tubing Scrap for Cash

Copper tubing scrap can be recycled at South Post Oak Recycling in exchange for cash, and South Post Oak Recycling offers top scrap metal prices in Houston.

Copper Tubing Scrap Pickup for Contractors

We provide large scrap metal recycling pickups for contractors, industrial, and commercial company recyclers! Experienced scrap metal buyers will unload and sort items for recycling in an organized and timely fashion. Contact us today for more information.

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