Ferrous Scrap Metal in Houston

Ferrous scrap metal recycling.

The Most Recycled Metal, Worldwide

Ferrous metal is any magnetic metal that contains iron. It is the most recycled metal worldwide. The most common ferrous metal is steel. Ferrous metals are alloys of iron, and they can be alloys of iron with a very wide variety of metals. Properties of ferrous metals can vary depending on their alloying elements.

Recycle Ferrous Scrap Metal at the South Post Oak Recycling Center

Ferrous metal is the most commonly found and recycled metal worldwide and throughout the United States. Did you know that the ferrous scrap metal industry happens to be a major contributor to the United States economy? Recycling ferrous scrap also helps protect the environment.

Ferrous scrap metal in Houston

Here are some of the ferrous scrap metal items you can exchange with us for cash:

  • Tin appliances
    • Refrigerators
    • Water heaters
  • Heavy Melt Steel (HMS), otherwise known as scrap or scrap iron
    • Rail guards
    • Rebar
    • Steel tubing
  • Plate and structural steel
    • Plates of steel

Bring Your Ferrous Metal to South Post Oak Recycling Center

We provide the opportunity to recycle and get paid for recycling scrap metal in Houston. South Post Oak Recycling Center recycles and processes a wide variety of metals, including a variety of ferrous metal.

Our Houston scrap metal recycling center has been a trusted full-service ferrous scrap metal recycling partner for over 23 years. We serve the greater Houston and Galveston areas with our two convenient locations in Houston. Experienced recycling professionals will carefully unload your ferrous metal scrap, weigh it, and pay top-dollar prices! Contact us today for more information.

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