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A Century of Manufacturing

Started by Elwood Haynes in 1912, Haynes International began as a result of experimenting with alloys created from nickel and chromium. Haynes was determined to create a metal that was resistant to corrosion. These alloys have assisted in the growth of manufacturing, machining, and transportation to this day. Currently, their product line is primarily separated into two families of alloys: hastelloy and ultimet. They are both used for their non-corrosive properties, but they do possess their own advantages and disadvantages depending on the project. Since the alloy can withstand extreme surroundings, it is a wise choice to reuse this useful metal for future uses.

Recycle Hastelloy South Post Oak Recycling

Hastelloy and Its Uses

Along with ultimet, hastelloy is a high-performance alloy with a multitude of heavy-duty uses. As a registered trademarked product, hastelloy refers to twenty-two different metal alloys. Also known as "superalloys", these compounds are highly corrosion and wear resistant metals that typically employ the use of nickel as a carrier metal. Many elements go into these compounds to create the different variations including copper, aluminum, and iron. Hastelloy's greatest strength is its ability to survive in harsh conditions like extreme temperatures and erosion-prone environments, which makes it of great use in distilling equipment and piping in the chemical industry in lieu of less expensive iron alloys that, while common, would not be able to stand up to such taxing conditions. And most importantly, it is also one of the many metal compounds South Post Oak Recycling accepts for scrap recycling.

Recycling at South Post Oak Recycling

At South Post Oak Recycling, hastelloy is among a long list of paid for recyclable materials. Knowledgeable scrap metal buyers will unload items for recycling and sorting in a timely fashion and provide top dollar prices for all accepted materials.

South Post Oak Recycling meets environmentally friendly standards to provide the Greater Houston area with all the tools it needs for disposing of their scrap metals. Consumers can recycle and sell scrap metal in Houston at a facility such as South Post Oak Recycling Center.

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