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Metalworkers love nickel because it can bond easily to a variety of other types of metal in order to form a stronger alloy. When chromium bonds to nickel, it forms an alloy called Inconel. Inconel is referred to as a "superalloy" due to the fact that it possesses excellent mechanical strength and resistance to heat. It's easy to make a number of parts from Inconel, even in complex designs, while retaining a structural integrity that resists cracking before and after a weld. Recycling centers offer a premium for Inconel scrap metal in Houston, usually several dollars per pound, due to the versatility and dependability of the alloy.

Properties of Inconel

First developed in the 1940s by researchers in order to bond aircraft engine parts together, Inconel has fantastic corrosion resistance. It can hold up against heat, pressure, and water in situations where normal steel would succumb to creep or shattering. Some trace metals like niobium can provide Inconel with further hardening with time, much as niobium binds to iron in order to produce stronger steel. Often, metalworkers heat Inconel up to 850 degrees Centigrade so that hardening crystals form in a short period of time, usually 72 hours or less.

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Inconel Parts

Unlike other scrap metal you'd typically find in home or auto parts, it's harder to find Inconel in everyday machines due to its superior capabilities. Indeed, the average person may go a long while without encountering Inconel parts.

Typically, this alloy finds use in aerospace manufacturing since it holds up under both extreme temperatures and pressures. Rocket rings and casings, sheet metal parts for aircraft, and gas turbine engines all incorporate Inconel alloy into their designs. Fasteners that need to withstand a lot of pressure, such as submarine parts, may also rely on Inconel alloys.

That all being said, although the primary user of the material is aircraft, many machine shops and metal fabricators who supply the metal to produce aircraft will have Inconel turnings or shavings.

Inconel Grades

While Inconel doesn't have strict grading like some other types of scrap metals, certain types will be more valuable than others. Inconel 600 is the lowest-quality, providing solid structure that can easily be molded without a great deal of extra protection. At the opposite end of the spectrum, Inconel 939 is gamma-strengthened with extra aluminum content, giving it better corrosion properties and increased weldability.

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