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Lead has been used by humans in building projects since the ancient Romans unknowingly poisoned their water supplies by using lead pipes to funnel water from aqueducts. Today, lead remains in use for industrial purposes that will not harm the people that come in contact with the metal's toxins. Batteries, for instance, use lead in order to join together metal components due to the low melting point of the metal. South Post Oak Recycling is your source for scrap lead metal recycling in Houston if you’re looking to get cash for your leftover metal parts.

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Where To Find Scrap

While you can find scrap copper in construction sites or scrap iron from manufacturers, scrap lead may require a bit more searching in order to find enough to sell. By far the most common source of scrap lead comes from car batteries. Lead acid batteries are sixty percent lead by weight, common in cars, trucks, motorcycles, and machines like forklifts. Some industries that rely on large number of vehicles and a large number of batteries may have their own recycling, but others with smaller fleets or fewer pieces of machinery may not realize how much money is on hand in old batteries. Additionally, lead radiation shields used to prevent damage from x-rays can be found in many places: dentist's offices, laboratories, hospitals, and college facilities. Finally, lead solder wire can be more valuable than scrap lead itself due to the composite of other valuable metals (such as antimony) within the wire.

Safety When Handling Lead

The first concern when taking lead to a recycling facility like South Post is to ensure that the toxic materials do not enter into your body. Touching lead will not negatively affect your health, but if lead dust is inhaled or swallowed, or if it comes in contact with the blood, you can be at serious risk. Always wear gloves when handling lead, and always use a respirator mask whenever it is necessary to cut or scrape lead.

Low-Alpha Scrap

Prior to World War II, lead scraps had a much higher percentage of the metal in the smelting process than today, when lead is usually combined to form an alloy of several different materials. Low-alpha lead scrap, while rare, can be worth several times more than contemporary scrap. You may find it in the roof of an old building or in old lead piping. Odds are good that the older the lead, the higher the low-alpha concentration.

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