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While magnesium is the fourth-most common element on planet Earth after only oxygen, silicon, and iron, it's less popular for scrap recycling than other types of base metals due to the wide variety of purity found in most alloys. Alloys will contain anywhere from forty to sixty percent of pure metal and while it is possible to remove impurities, it is not possible to remove elements in the alloy like copper and nickel due to their corrosion resistance.

These magnesium alloy wheel parts pictured above may be too impure to recycle.

Recycle Industrial Magnesium South Post Oak Recycling

Recycling Magnesium

Magnesium alloy parts can be found in many industrial uses, behind only iron and aluminum, thanks to the lightweight but strong composition of the metal. Most magnesium that ends up as scrap comes from die casting.

Quantities and Qualities

A few factors will affect the purity of scrap magnesium. A high ratio of scrap to product will cause a company to use less pure alloys. The same is true for a company that has a higher percentage of rejected parts or a higher percentage of material lost in the casting process. The purity of an alloy may determine the recycling decision for a company itself.

Magnesium alloys have a tendency to oxidize and corrode during recycling, which makes it necessary for a foundry to eliminate contact with oxygen. Other foundries may impose a shear to the metal before pouring the liquid into the die. The shearing process improves both the chemistry and the temperature of melted magnesium, making it possible to create a higher percentage alloy without the risk of oxidation. Even so, magnesium can easily be contaminated with metals including nickel, iron, and copper during the recycling process.

Consumers can recycle and get paid for recycling magnesium scrap metal in Houston at a facility such as South Post Oak Recycling Center. Contact us for more information today.

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