Nonferrous Scrap Metal in Houston

Nonferrous scrap metal in Houston.

Nonferrous Metals Maintain All Properties When Recycled

Nonferrous metal is a non-magnetic metal that maintains its properties during the recycling process. Nonferrous metals are highly conductive and lower in weight. These metals were the first metals used worldwide in metallurgy. Copper, a nonferrous metal, was the first forged metal in the world.

Recycle Nonferrous Scrap Metal at the South Post Oak Recycling Center

Nonferrous metals do not change during the recycling process, so they can be recycled an infinite amount of times. They are used in an array of industries, including for a variety of residential, commercial, and industrial uses. Nonferrous metals include copper, aluminum, zinc, nickel, gold, silver, platinum, and hundreds of alloys.

Nonferrous scrap metals in Houston.

Here are some of the nonferrous scrap metal items you can exchange with us for cash:

  • Copper
  • High-copper alloys
  • Special alloys
  • Brass
  • Leaded copper
  • Aluminum
  • Zinc
  • And more!

Bring Your Nonferrous Metal to South Post Oak Recycling Center

South Post Oak Recycling provides the opportunity to recycle and get paid for recycling scrap metal in Houston. Better yet, you can bring your scrap metal to South Post Oak Recycling Center to recycle and exchange for cash! We recycle and process a wide variety of metals, including a variety of nonferrous metal.

We serve the greater Houston and Galveston areas with our two convenient locations in Houston. We buy nonferrous metals from households, industrial contractors, and companies in an environmentally-responsible manner. Sellers can get the satisfaction of knowing that their scrap will be properly recycled and get deserved cash on-the-spot. To sell your nonferrous scrap metal in Houston, call us today!

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