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Recycle zinc scrap metal at the South Post Oak Recycling Center.

Zinc: the Backbone of Manufacturing

Zinc is one of nature's most basic chemical compounds, appearing on the Periodic Table of Elements at atomic number 30. It is the 24th most common element of planet Earth, and it has furthered manufacturing since as early as the 10th century BC in brass, an alloy made with zinc and copper. Along with its use in producing brass, Zinc also has extraordinary non-corrosive properties leading to its use in everyday items such as batteries and galvanized steel. South Post Oak Recycling Center accepts many alloys and parts made with this essential material.

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What Can Be Recycled?

Some of the main applications of zinc in metal working include galvanizing and alloys, like brass and bronze. Batteries are a common item containing zinc for it's non-corroding barrier, yet many households and businesses throw these away in the trash. SPO Recycling takes a wide variety of batteries for proper reuse. When the flashing used to waterproof chimneys, roofs, and pipes needs replacing, those that contain zinc should be disposed of in an environmentally responsible way with little to no unclean runoff. Ceiling fan brackets, faucet handles, and couplers and elbows for electrical conduit are also items that typically contain zinc. The possibilities for recycling are endless! South Post Oak Recycling can answer all questions about which accepted materials are paid items or just for bulk recycling to increase free space in any home, office, or job site.

Why Recycle Zinc?

Mining Zinc produces large quantities of sulfur dioxide and cadmium vapor and contaminates water systems and soils. Towns that mine zinc reported emissions of upwards of 2.7 metric tons a year in the past 20 years. Zinc is one of the easiest metals to put through the die casting process used to recycle scrap zinc and the alloys that contain it. Because of its low melting point, a hot-chamber machine is used to process zinc where it is melted and forced into a mold. Weighing in at upwards of 75 lbs per unit, this Zinc is now ready for a new use.

Bringing scrap zinc to South Post Oak Recycling Center for top dollar prices and certified environmentally conscious recycling lessens these emissions over time. Consumers can recycle and get paid for recycling scrap metal in Houston at a facility such as South Post Oak Recycling Center.

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