Metal Recycling in Houston Matters

Why recycle?

Recycling of paper and glass1 is a common practice in the city, and it makes people feel good and motivated to know that their small contribution is ending waste on harder to come by materials. However, many don't know of the possibilities when it comes to metal recycling in Houston and the metropolitan area. People often place it with the rest of their normal trash.

Thrown away scrap metals increase the need for mining raw materials, add to greenhouse gas emissions through energy waste, and deplete finite natural resources. Instead of heading to a landfill, just one trip turns these metals back into a usable material, and cash in your pocket.

Metal Recycling Made Easy

Since 1994, South Post Oak Recycling Center has provided environmentally responsible recycling with a dedication to safety and efficiency. SPO Recycling Center recycles all non-ferrous and ferrous metals, making it one of the most integrated recycling providers for most discarded scrap including aluminum, copper, stainless steel, brass, and electronics.

Metal recycling in Houston made easy.

We help unload, weigh, and pay cash for recycled metal.

Calling All Contractors and Construction and Workers: We Make it Easy

Not only do households bring by their unwanted metals, it is also a great option for industrial contractors, electricians, specialty installers, and more.

No more worrying about where to take all those replaced gutters, air conditioners, and busted pipes; South Post Oak Recycling makes the task simple and easy. Our buyers will unload metals, properly sort them, weigh them, and pay top prices in cash.

Metal recycling in Houston, TX.

Scrap Metal Pickup Options Available

Too busy to make the trip? South Post Oak Recycling offers industrial and commercial scrap pick up options. Even better, less scrap metal in dumpsters means there is more room for trash to speed up any project! 

For industrial accounts with large volumes, please call 713-433-9944 to get more information on a pick up.

A Better Planet, A Better Community

Keeping in mind that these materials are non-renewable resources, the process of scrap metal recycling in Houston is not only easy on the planet but beneficial to the wallet.

South Post Oak Recycling Center has over two decades of experience providing superior service with two convenient locations serving the Houston Metro Area and Galveston. Call or come in today for information and pricing.


1. Although we do not recycle paper and glass, we acknowledge that it's a common practice in the city and would like to share that paper and glass can be easily recycled in the Greater Houston area with the COH Neighborhood Depository Recycling Centers or the Westpark Consumer Recycling Center. Texas is not a depository state, therefore no one gets paid for plastic bottles.

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