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Professionals whose work involves a large quantity of metalworking have the opportunity to capitalize on their scraps by recycling with South Post Oak Recycling. Our professional scrap recycling service not only eliminates your unwanted metal, but gives you cash for, perhaps, your next work-related purchases. Don't let your scrap pile up and create a mess: bring your scrap metal to South Post Oak Recycling today in exchange for easy cash.

Scrap Metal Recycling for Many Industries

The number of industries and professions that create scrap metal increases by the day!

  • Are you an electrician?
    • Do you have ample supply of excess copper wire? We’ll take that for you.
  • Are you a machinist?
    • Do you create scrap iron and steel by the pound? We’ll take that for you.
  • Are you a plumber?
    • Are you lugging around spare steel, lead, and aluminum parts? We’ll take those.
  • Are you an HVAC technician?
    • We’ll take your standard metals, rare-earth metals, and more.
  • Do you do window installations?
  • Do you do roofing?
  • Are you at an auto repair shop?
    • You probably have a very wide variety of scrap metal parts. We’ll take your scrap from you for cash!

Any other contractors that find themselves with metal waste will find our recycling services the most convenient solution for their problem, really!

Convenient, Easy, and Profitable Scrap Metal Recycling

There’s no need to sort or organize your scrap with South Post Oak Recycling. Simply bring your scrap metal to one of our two Houston-area facilities and our experienced team will unload, sort, and weigh the scrap metals in order to determine how much they're worth and provide you with a convenient payment.

Better yet, South Post Oak Recycling also offers scrap metal pick-ups, pending weight load. You’ll have containers dropped off at your facility or project site, and once the container is full, we’ll come pick it up for you and pay you immediately!

Contact us or come by either of our two locations for all of your scrap metal recycling in Houston, today!

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