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Where to Sell Scrap Metal in Houston?

There are dozens of scrap metal recyclers in Houston. However, they aren't all the same by any means. At South Post Oak Recycling Center, sellers can enjoy the superior services of a business that has thrived for over two decades.

This company serves both the Houston Metro Area and Galveston and has both a South Post Oak and Holmes Road location. For the best service and scrap metal prices in Houston, you can call or visit one of our recycling centers today!

Where to Sell Scrap Metal in Houston?

Commercial Scrap Metal Pickup Services

Industrial, commercial, and corporate customers can even take advantage of a pickup service. The recycling center simply drops a container off at the site. After it's filled up, the container gets conveniently hauled away for immediate weighing, payment, and processing. There is no easier way for commercial sellers to profit and sell scrap metal in Houston.

Scrap Metal Services for Contractors

Electricians, HVAC technicians, plumbing technicians, and general contractors produce larger amounts of items to recycle. Location, convenience, and efficiency are key. With two locations (one on South Post Oak Rd and a second on Holmes Rd) South Post Oak Recycling provides the correct geography and the convenience needed for recycling scrap from nearby job sites.

South Post Oak Recycling Accepts Scrap From:

  • Specialty installation companies
  • Gutter installation companies
  • Industrial businesses (i.e. machine shops and fabrication companies)
  • Window frame installers
  • Electrical wire installation companies
  • And more!

Household and Individual Sellers

If scrap metal Houston sellers drive up to either of the two Houston locations, our staff will unload vehicles and pay cash for what we take. It's so easy to clean up the home or yard and make some cash at the same time!

Many homeowners are still unaware that they can get rid of unwanted junk, make some money, and help improve the environment through recycling at the same time. That's just fine because South Post Oak Recycling Center's staff knows how to help residential customers sell scrap metal in Houston for the best prices!

These are just a few examples of the types of metal that can be recycled for cash:

With us, you can clean up old lawn furniture, stainless steel flatware, and even used electronics. So, it might be the perfect time to clean out the garage and the cupboards!

Sell scrap metal in Houston, TX.

Call to Learn How to Turn Scrap Metal into Cash

If in doubt about household items, simply give our center a call first. The number is (713) 433.9944.

Texas Cash Transaction Card Requirement

There was a House Bill passed recently which requires all Texas metal recyclers to start issuing customers something called a Texas Cash Transaction Card. This card essentially validates that the person selling scrap has been vetted, and is required in order for the seller to receive cash for their scrap metal. This update is designed to curb scrap metal theft.

Feel Good About Recycling and Get Cash

Our center can recycle almost all kinds of electronics and metals (ferrous and nonferrous). Sellers can get the satisfaction of knowing that their scrap will be properly recycled and of getting some extra cash on the spot. To sell scrap metal in Houston, call us at South Post Oak Recycling Center today!

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